Art world curiosities

Art history is full of amazing stories and fascinating characters, which can make it difficult to determine between fact and fiction. But in some cases, the reality is as incredible as the art each one creates. In this article you will discover the most impressive stories from the life and work of artistic people. Let's start!

Masterclass in the INK ART alcohol ink technique!

On December 17, 2022, the Art Rame showroom was the host of a special event: Masterclass in the INK ART alcohol ink technique!

Frames in holiday decor

The winter holiday period is one of the most beautiful. Every person wants to decorate their home in a unique and creative way, decorating the tree, wearing themed clothes. Frames also have their place in the decoration of your home. What's more, by decorating the house for the holidays with frames, you will stand out for sure.

Lucia Cojocaru – loyal customer of ArtRame

Today we introduce you to Lucia Cojocaru, a particularly talented lady, a mother who inspires and immortalizes in plaster unique and important moments for every family.

Art Rame brand event

On Wednesday, December 14, the Art Rame showroom opened its doors to young visitors from CHIPS international kindergarten, who participated in a painting masterclass. The masterclass was moderated by Nadejda Melnic, Studio Artem Van Gogh.

The most requested frames from ART Rame

When you don't know which frame to choose, come to us! We will recommend the top frames, the most requested from us, and you will be satisfied with the final result.

How important is a master key?

A passe-partout not only frames the painting, but also gives it more room to unfold. In addition, it prevents direct contact between the glass and the object. Framing with a passe-partout inside the frame is the oldest form of picture display.

5 tips for framed mirrors

Custom framed mirrors are a timeless and elegant way to add style, light and sophistication to any space.

How to choose a perfect frame for your painting?

It is often said that the artistic process is not truly complete until the work is presented for others to appreciate. For most, this means framing your work for personal, commercial or public display. Once a work of art is framed, the frame becomes part of the artwork, and together they are appreciated as a whole, making the decision of "which frame to choose" very important!

Why is framing important?

Most artists and art lovers want their work to last a lifetime and look as good 50 years from now as the day they finished it.